Nerf Karma or, I am not Humans of New York

This was honestly the best picture on the two rolls I developed recently. I took this on the Manhattan bridge only about a week and a half ago, my first stroll walking above China Town. I stopped him and took his picture. This morning on my compute, two stops from where I get off to work I open my eyes from a pleasant train nap, good commute, to him sitting right across from me with headphones in. I've started carrying prints in a little photo album with me everywhere I go. I do a cross comparison of the print and the gentleman in front of me and I get his attention. "Is this you?" I said. "Where did you get that?" he asked surprised. What are the odds? I was surprised too. I told him I took it on the Manhattan bridge and handed him the print. "I like that" he said. "It's like karma". I don't always get prints to my subjects, but it's nice when it's this easy.

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