Walgreen's Disposable Camera 800 speed.

Is what it is.


Minolta SLR, Kodak C41 b/w 400

Took this Minolta out for a test run in SF. It's somewhat embarrassing to mention how hard I was trying to be aggressive in these candid photos. The "aggression" was there, but the inspiration in subjects, focus(literally) and composition was not so much. I think that's called trying too hard. It looks like I might have bad light seals on this camera, as there are a few consistent streaks on a few frames. One disadvantage to no longer doing every step myself, is I don't know if it's the camera, me, or Walgreens. One day I'll figure everything out, but until then I'll try again.


Fuji Quicksnap disposable camera, 800 Speed

Played with "Posing" and did a lot of street portraits - mainly because my ability to keep cool and shoot candid comes and goes. Also, been thinking about Diane Arbus a lot and her posing  I don't got it. Shy guy. I really need a camera if somehow anyone in the bay area is reading this. Shooting disposables again, it's kind of fun - but i'd like a point and shoot.




I think my camera is done. I Keep getting these streaks on there. Ignore my streaks. Also, super bummed.