Urban Goose Farm.

On my bike rides a long the bay trail I always notice this curious collection of geese hanging out on this patch of land behind a fence. Turns out to be a little farm taken care of by people camping out there. I was lucky enough to stop one of the people living presumably, under the bridge there and he let me in for a minute to take some pictures. I got an explicit "Don't take my picture", so here is a little slice into the urban goose world.


Two rolls in a day, Challenge.

I usually am able to crank out one roll of film in say, a week or a week in a half. I take my time... more time than I'd like some weeks. I went to check out the Garry Winogrand exhibit again today and there is a video where he talks about developing 2000 rolls in a year, and has another 2000 to go since moving to California. I am not going to pretend that I can afford 20,000ish dollars worth of rolls of film, but could I shoot a measly two rolls on my single day off? I tried today, roaming San Francisco's more tourist heavy areas, and it was tough. The color roll I shot first, and it took the most time. The black and white took a little less time, shooting while walking through intersections  Were the results worth it? It felt good, and the walk was nice, so who cares. Might try again next week.

All photos in this post taken/developed on March 30th 2013.


Portra 400 - March.

Portra is a beautiful film, 400 speed...800 speed, favorite color film. Might recognize the top three as similar pictures to a previous post - it's where I eat a veggie burger by the window on 14th st. Snap picks through the prism on the top of my Yashica, eat some french fries, trade secret. As for the two pictures of the impoverished with bags everywhere, can we just fix these extreme conditions of extreme wealth/unwealth yet?