Now Broadcasting from Brooklyn.

Man, what a great vacation! Can't say I took so many pictures, too busy enjoying the moment. First post from BROOKLYN!! I made it. Currently updating from my girl friends lap top in a cafe near our sublet. Some of these are from that neighborhood, and a 30 minute walk through manhattan near the park. Some are from my "last" time in San Francisco. Pretty home sick, I can't wait to cruise through Manhattan for an extended amount of time with my Yashica. Oh right, I got another Yashica T3*!!! Also have the olympus epic still, which rules in low light. I wish I could combine them both into my ultimate dream camera. I have to say that I haven't magically transformed into a master photographer upon setting foot here, but I am making some bold inner promises to push myself. Until next post! -TCT

Some pics removed November 20th, 2013



America! Olympus Epic, Portra 400

This will be my last post from the Bay Area, though most of these photos are from Southern California. I've been moving around a lot on mini family road trips, and moving all my stuff. Pro tip here, if you think you are going to move ever - take care of those negatives before you leave in three days. Next Stop is Montreal, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Philidelphia, and my new home, Brooklyn. Yep, moving to Brooklyn! See you there, and lots and lots(15)of Portra Rolls in about a month.