Now Broadcasting from Brooklyn.

Man, what a great vacation! Can't say I took so many pictures, too busy enjoying the moment. First post from BROOKLYN!! I made it. Currently updating from my girl friends lap top in a cafe near our sublet. Some of these are from that neighborhood, and a 30 minute walk through manhattan near the park. Some are from my "last" time in San Francisco. Pretty home sick, I can't wait to cruise through Manhattan for an extended amount of time with my Yashica. Oh right, I got another Yashica T3*!!! Also have the olympus epic still, which rules in low light. I wish I could combine them both into my ultimate dream camera. I have to say that I haven't magically transformed into a master photographer upon setting foot here, but I am making some bold inner promises to push myself. Until next post! -TCT

Some pics removed November 20th, 2013


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