This is my charming friend Rich, a genuinely nice guy. In general you might find him at the Taco Truck on First Ave., but in this picture I ran into him downtown during the Oscar Grant sentence rally. The only other time I ran into him downtown was in the midst of action at the Oscar Grant verdict rally, where people were just starting to loot the foot locker. I asked him what he thought of the verdict, and he gave a pretty good response. Since I've met him, he has helped call out orders, take pictures of people fresh from the bar, hold up my bicycle when I was too drunk to do so, and sometimes make a lady or two smile. His tag line is something like, "God made lady's gorgeous, but he made guys handsome."

One night when waiting for my burrito he showed me how he slept in the military during NAM. He spun around and stuck his back to mine, and whipped out a very old looking military ID. He told me he saw a good many of a man get blown away. Its people like this that you see all the time in different settings and can't help but feel the soul or flavor of Oakland. Help him out tonight, will ya?


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