Pacific Coast Tour, San Francisco to Santa Cruz Portra 400

When riding your bike super far, I want to take a lot more pictures than I do, but it's too hard to stop riding! Getting off the bike becomes a chore, and thus... you know. Getting some streakage, I think some black tape will fix it where the film window is. If it doesn't, then I quit. Well, I know I won't, but I'll be shooting with a grumble.


Olympus Epic Stylus Portra 400

I have been on a pretty intense work schedule for what seems like forever. I wish I could take more pictures. Some of these streaks I think are from the flash not getting turned off - but further experiments needed. Most of these taken on a lunch break, on love your lake day. One with the pooches in the guys backpack from my girl friends car window. Cheers. 



Olympus Epic Stylus, Generic Kodak 400

Got a new Olympus Epic Stylus - I'm into it. 80 dollars off craigslist. Turning the flash off every time you turn the camera on is pretty annoying, but it's so small!! This roll of 24 came with it, and was a short test run. The guy pictured on the stairs ended up chasing me down the block yelling at me. He wanted me to ask his permission. Looking at the photo though, it looks super posed after everything. I tried to smile and walk away, but he came after me threatening to break my camera and my neck and blah blah. In short, should have confronted it right on and not walked away. Thanks for the shot Todd.